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Specializing in the production of large, medium and small chemical equipment

Chemical Machinery

Years Of Experience

Brand strengthProfessional manufacturers of large, medium and small chemical equipment in China's inland chemical machinery industry

Annual production equipment up to500 sets An independentproduction basefor pressure vessels has been established Hasthreetypes of pressure vessel design andthree typesof manufacturing

Strict TechnologyUp to Hundreds of Inspection Processes for Export of International Advanced Production Equipment

ThroughISO、CEquality system certification,we can produce products with stable quality. Adopting advanced production technology,and equipped with advanced equipment to produce strict quality inspection is carried out in each link to ensurethe excellent performance of each,the excellent performance of each

Professional teamThe elite team specializes in meeting the customer's non-standard customization requirements for reactor

A team of senior technicians with richexperiencein pressure vessel industry. Customizationmode integrating R&Dproduction and post-processing Nearly 100 high-quality staff of scientific and technological personnel and technicians

After-sale serviceProfessional star-level after-sales service team to solve your after-sales problems

Professional Star Service Team Free one-to-oneproduct solutionrequirement service 24hours online Solve product problems for you in time
Service Improvement, Quick and Effective Technical Support

WEIHAI GLOBAL CHEMICAL MACHINERY MFG CO., LTD. (Trading Title WeiHai Che-Machinery Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd), is a professional manufacturer in chemical machinery industry in China, which designs and produces small laboratory reactors, pilot reactors and large-scale reactors.With advanced technology and sales service, this enterprise integrates design, R&D, manufacture and sales. In good faith for users and in best quality for products, our equipments have been sold to the whole China and exported to more than 40 countries, widely applied to oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, mining, research institutes, universities (Department of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Polymer Department of Materials Engineering, Department of Organic and Inorganic Chemicals) and so on. ...[More+]

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Achievement More+
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